Moving Procedures

Please contact the Management Office at 801-932-6120 to schedule any moves. Each tenant must complete a Tenant Move Notification Form.

Required Procedures

Lobby floors, elevators and corners of walls must be covered with protective materials during the move. It is the Tenant's responsibility to leave the building in its original condition and dispose of any trash generated by the move. The cost to clean or repair all damage to the building elevator, floor or walls caused by the move will be Tenant's responsibility.

Insurance Requirements

A Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the Management Office by the moving company (and any other vendors involved in the move). Mecca Holdings, LLC and Intersection Utah, LLC. are to be listed as Additionally Insured and the amount of coverage is to be $2,000,000. Please have certificates forwarded to:

Mecca Holdings, LLC
c/o Intersection Utah, LLC.
333 South 520 West
Lindon, UT 84042