About Canopy


Who are we?
Canopy is a tech friendly business campus.

What do we do?
We lease facilities that jump-start productivity and promote company cultures.

What is our vision?
Our technology tenants - from budding start-ups to big-name brands - are able to expand exponentially thanks to our business infrastructure and construction-by-culture.

Why does it matter?
From our pipes to our people, technology is what we do. Canopy is proud to not be all things to all people. Instead, we specialize in business infrastructure and the finer comforts computer lovers appreciate. We “get” technology and provide both the counsel and essential commodities high-tech companies need to succeed. From one-man startups to tech wunderkinds, CEOs trust Canopy’s understanding of their value, their culture, their lifestyle. We give unparalleled support that helps tenants concentrate on growing into their success and not growing out of their space. We are truly tech.


We Are:

Our company is designed, built, and managed exclusively for the business environment.

From the depth and breadth of our infrastructure to the details of our security, Canopy anticipates every tenant need.

Our people talk tech. Canopy understands complex connectivity requirements, plus we’re well versed in build-out solutions that work well for your business culture.

Our purpose is to cultivate the growth of your business through unparalleled support and infrastructure.

Canopy is associated with some of the biggest and most respected technology names - headquartered both in and out of Utah.

Canopy has a user-friendly interface companies choose our campus because we are approachable geographically, economically, and personally.

Companies that lease from Canopy aren’t just comfortable, they enjoy a competitive edge.

Our strategy goes beyond great office space. It’s our objective to support the goals of our tenants, our community, and ultimately our industries.