Janitorial Service
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Janitorial service is provided nightly after normal business hours Monday through Friday in all tenant and public areas. The cleaners do not clean desktops unless all papers and other materials are removed from the desk. This policy is in place to prevent accidental losses or damages to tenant belongings.

Following are cleaning services provided to tenant areas:


  • Empty and clean waste receptacles.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas, moving light furniture and spot cleaning when necessary.
  • Sweep and damp-mop all tile floor.
  • Remove all gum and foreign matter from floor areas.
  • Remove all fingerprints, smudges and other marks from partitions, glass, doors and other surfaces.
  • Clean glass entrance doors and windows, where applicable.


  • Dust shelving, window sills, molding, chair rail, baseboards, picture frames and trim.
  • Hand-dust and wipe clean all furniture, fixtures and exposed desk and file cabinet areas.

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