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Updating User Information

Personalized user information is used to auto-fill the Electronic Maintenance Request Form for quick and easy submission. In addition, accurate contact information will assist the Management Office in expediting all maintenance requests. Each user should check regularly to ensure that accurate information is on file.

Electronic Maintenance Request Log

This feature allows users to track and monitor all service requests submitted through the Electronic Tenant® Service Request System. Upon entry, service requests are sorted by month with the current month displayed.

Miscellaneous Forms

This feature allows users to download and print various administrative forms, reports and documents. In order to access the forms and documents contained in this section, users must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher installed on their computers. This software is free and can be obtained by clicking here.

Questions regarding the Electronic Tenant® Services Request System should be directed to the Management Office.

Click here to log into the Electronic Tenant® Service Request System

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